Our Culture

Not to conquer others but to conquer the weakness within one-self.”  -Kiyohisa Hirano


Our Classes



"Champions are not born, they are made by hard work, sacrifice, dedication and the support from their family, friends and instructor."- Jose Dimacali

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"There is no greater tournament than the tournament of life itself." -Ai Ling (Rebecca) Dimacali 

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Joshua E, Parent

The best of the best with a gift for teaching children. 

Jade d, Student

Best Karate school ever! They teach us how to be more responsible and patient.  Kyoshi and Renshi care about each and every student.  They make us the best we can be.

David D, Competitor

I competed with one of your students today. This man is one of the most respectful, competitors that I have come across. Today was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to spend time with him. It's nice to see hard work and great students at tournaments. It says a lot for the teacher.

Luke P, Parent

My son has been a student here for 5 months, the improvement in every aspect of his life is noticeable. He loves classes and is extremely proud of himself when he progresses. Kyoshi and Renshi are fantastic instructors who help the students progress at an appropriate pace. They emphasize proper technique and do not accept shortcuts. I really appreciate the focus they place upon personal growth in all aspects of the children's lives including at home, school and in the dojo.

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